Music Producer █ Dj

Due to her great passion for electronic music, Reanna has landed in Berlin 2017.

In her own recording studio, she builds her grooves and shapes tones, giving them a personal expression.

In 2019 she founded her label "OSC Records".

With her vision she wishes to put her own spark in the enormous fire called music. 

During her live sets she enjoys bringing together funk house vibes, melodic house and techno throwing her own glimmer  through dance music and lightening the fire with the massive techno explosive grooves ..

Her Dj life began 2015 in Düsseldorf playing different sorts of music but her decision to move to Berlin and focus her energy only on her passion for electronic music has been life changing.   



Durch ihre große Leidenschaft für die Musik, ist Reanna in Berlin gelandet.

In ihrem eigenen Tonstudio baut sie ihre Grooves und formt Töne und gibt ihnen somit einen persönlichen Ausdruck.

2019 hat sie ihren Label „OSC Records“ gegründet.

Mit ihrer Vision möchte sie die Musikszene beeinflussen.